Suggestion: scale power values

Suggestion for Xert:
Add a dropdown menu next to each activity. Let users add the power meters they use. Each power meter can be assigned a scaling value, where 1 is for a reference power meter assumed to be the most correct. Other power meters can have a different scaling factor, e.g., 1.02 if it reads 2 percent lower than the reference. Then power values could be adjusted.

Rationale: Use of different power meters can affect MPA, XSS, etc, considerably. In my case, I have five power meters on different bikes, I use them all. Two SRM, two power2max and one Elite trainer. The SRMs are calibrated with weights and are assumed to be correct, supported by auto-zero offset. By comparing the other power meters against the Elite trainer, I have found differences between SRM and power2max.

Today I did a really hard workout using a power2max. Low XSS due to known lower power compared to the SRM that is the main source for my fitness status. Several PRs on my usual training climb and lots of effort, but Xert says I was below threshold (I wish…). By allowing a scaling factor for power meters, this could be corrected. Flagging the power values is insufficient.

Interesting for the development team?


this would be very helpful!

Xert admins, any thoughts on this? It’s necessary if using two or more power meters, which many people do. A signature seldom applies for more than one power meter, as none are in perfect agreement. y=ax+b, let us adjust a and b please…