Suggestion in XPMC Chart for multiple activities within a day

The XSS for multiple activities in a day overlay each other rather than adding up to 1 total XSS for the day. Any chance you could stack them on top of each other?


This has been suggested before and we have been considering the change.

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Any possibilites that this would change in this decade?


Hello M. Mastracci,

Do you planned correcting it soon?

IMO the overlapping entries are fine. It’s easy enough to identify which days contain more than one workout. Wouldn’t stacking them skew the chart?
Currently it’s a nice compact view.

I understand your point but most of the time for me this will occur when I’m participating in a race as I file Warmup, Race and Cooldown in 3 separate fileé The other scénario is when i do a event on Zwift and that I do some extra work afterward (Proper workout or simply LTL.)

Perhaps a link function is needed if only for analysis purposes. Not merged, but simply linked.
You would view workouts in the table and select which ones to link. They’ll be in time stamp order.

Has there been any progress on this? I often use Xert for analysis of rides done using Fulgaz (using Garmin Data) and it sometimes means a separate warmup ride then a training ride. They come up as separate activities (as they currently should), but I’d like to link them or join/merge them into one activity to properly reflect the true state of what happened that day.