Suggestion for Dashboard enhancement

When viewing Activity you can click Show More to see stats and KPI.
Below Duration are Max Power, Max HR, Max Speed, and Maximal Effort.
It would be nice if you could click on each of those stats to display a pop-up map with selected stat pinpointed.
Naturally this would only work for outdoor rides.
You could then zoom in to see exactly where that stat occurred on the ride.
You could use this information the next time you ride the same course. IE, how hard can I jump [here], how high can I raise HR [here], how fast can I descend [here], how long can I sustain an effort [here].

You can sort of do this while viewing ride details and moving the mouse pointer around the graph, but this feature would make it much easier to pinpoint and allow you to zoom in on the map – all while at the top level dashboard view.

Thanks for that suggestion. Incorporating broader metrics and information is something we’re considering, either directly or via 3rd party integrations.