Suggestion: do a blog post to describe the mechanics for a first time user to get into a session

it would be great if someone did a blog post that took a new (unpaid) user through what they need to do to be able to become a member of a group and use the session player as such. I would like to set up a group with some riding friends but I hate to have to try to explain to them how they get set up and what the need to be able to become a member of my group and do sessions I set up. It would great if it was a simple step by step description of what they need and how they get set up.

Does the tutorial help? Doesn’t show how to join a session but helps them get all set up.

I watched the tutorial and though it is pretty good, it does not explain to someone who is not already signed up as an XERT user the mechanics of the things to do. So I was thinking that it would be easier for some people to have a blog they could read and step through as well as the video… It is tart I want to send my friends who probably have never even heard of XERT a link and say follow the steps and then we can ride together on a session…

I’ll take a stab at it. Subject to edits. :smiley:

  1. Direct non-Xert users* to – Compare Plans – Xert (
    Ask them to sign-up for Premium Free Trial (bottom of last column on right).
    If they don’t want to sync their ride data to generate a starting signature, instruct them to select Power Curve & Calculator in sidebar menu at (XO) and enter 2-3 known power curve points such as FTP and max power.
    They should also install EBC (iPhone or Android) and configure/test their sensors.
  2. Ask them to send you their Xert usernames.
  3. Create a ride buddy club on XO, Community, My Club, and invite those usernames*.
    Set club to auto-approve memberships. If you want to make the club public (any Xert user can join) enable open listing.
  4. Go to XO, Sessions, Sessions Library, pick one, Schedule button, set date/time, Sharing, select your club, then Save (Schedule button). That is the easiest/quickest way to create a group session, but you can also create one from scratch by creating a template and assign it to your community. In that case you’ll want to locate your YT video URL ahead of time.
  5. On the appointed date/time your ride buddies should run XO on their browser (PC, laptop, or tablet) and select Sessions. First timers should plan to arrive 10 minutes early and watch the session tutorial – (?) icon in upper right of the page. Afterwards they can return to the Sessions page, select Scheduled Sessions, and start the group session (will say Join or Open Player if previously joined).
  6. Next run EBC and that session will be pre-selected and displayed (home page on Android, Train page on iPhone). If EBC was open before joining/opening the session they’ll need to swipe down to refresh the list.

*Those with expired trials/inactive subscriptions can view and join public group sessions already. You only need to invite them to your club so they can see your private session(s).


  • Let everyone know they can arrive early for warm-up and orientation.
  • Rocket Chat works best if installed on phone (switch between that and EBC) or as a separate browser tab assuming keyboard is accessible during the workout. To install as a separate browser tab, click on the pop-out icon in upper right of the chat box. Enter Xert credentials and select your session’s chat.
  • What else?

Enjoy the ride. :wink:

If your friends are curious how you can all ride the same workout together at same relative intensity send them here – Episode D3 - Mastering Xert - Discover - Fitness Signatures and Conclusion - YouTube

In anyone gets excited and wants to dive in deeper beforehand, send them these links –
Beginner’s Guide: Getting Started With Xert – Xert (
All Academy videos – Xert Academy Videos - YouTube
This community forum – Xert Community Forum - Discover. Improve. Perform. (

Thanks a million Ridgerider2. One acronym you use is XO I assume it is Xert Online, can you confirm the usage in the above detailed walk through?

I am the XO. :grin:
Yeah, I forgot you’d be instructing newbies. They won’t know their XO from their CO (cadence optimizer).
An official blog post is also due out later this week or next.

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