Suggested workouts don’t match Pure Endurance day

Hi folks.

Aware there was a slightly different was adjoining discussed over 9 days ago which was resolved and seemingly fixed, so losing as a separate ‘enquiry’.

I’m sitting in front of my phone just now, using the web interface.

It provides me with a suggestion to do 2:51 of Pure Endurance, and kindly suggests some workouts to do that. Makes sense, as workouts can add variety and structure to an otherwise basic task.

I checked the top four workouts displayed and they’re all listed with a Red Cross for suitability. Interestingly, the first two are the workout I did today for my high intensity day.

Is this just normal, and we should ignore workouts that are suggested for low intensity days (which is the majority of days) and that we only get suggested workouts for that one HIIT session each week (if that’s the schedule)?

If so, might be worth just removing the suggested workouts list maybe on the screen and replacing with a message to do one’s own thing ?


A bug has been reported for the recommended list not updating correctly after a completed activity.
Following a HIT activity you should see Active Recovery recommended.
If the completed activity falls well short of your XSS ratio goal for the day, a suitable fill-the-gap workout should appear.

When volume requirement is lower (as many users are accustomed to) the recommended list will include many suitable Pure Endurance workouts in the 45 to 90 minute range. Over 2 hours the workout library falls short so your suggestion to change to a message has merit.
150-170 XSS at low intensity (~45 to 60 XSS/hour) means ~3+ hours on a trainer. That’s not something I would normally elect to do, especially if it’s sunny and reasonable temp outdoors. :slight_smile:
What XATA could say when suitable workouts don’t exist (no greens found) is the same text as shown on the Training page when you hit > for Training Advice.

For 2+ hour endurance workouts you could search for a “free ride” entry, select one closest to your XSS total/duration requirement (example), and ride it in Slope mode, monitoring LTP. Or use AUTO and raise/lower % periodically to introduce some variation while you watch something on Netflix, YT, or whatever. Or an easy free ride on Zwift for 3 hours – although that would drive me nuts. :smiley:

You could alternately run Autogen when no greens are listed although I’m not sure how suitable that would be for 3 hours of Pure Endurance compared to a free ride workout in Slope mode.
Another possibility is XATA could display an appropriate length free ride workout that is MIXEDMODE with only warm-up and cooldown under ERG control and the rest in Slope mode.
In either case the LSD instructional text would apply.

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Cool. Didn’t know whether to put this in a bug category or not being new.
It’s only the next day recommendation that doing this (for me). Didn’t look at workouts for same day as was done and the circle was green

3hrs. Indeed. Sadly it’s dark, horrible and there’s thousands of 1-2 tonne metal boxes flying around at ‘free’ time.

This is the best idea - in my case an ERG controlled Zwift is better than a blank screen. Just yet more monthly outgoings but it has its merit for getting stuff done.

Just thought I would post and clarify this as well… Make sure that you tap the ‘Tomorrow’s Training’ header in the 3-day Forecast to bring up the training recommendations for tomorrow (or the day after that to view the training recommendations for that day, etc.).

It’s possible that if you didn’t tap that, you would be seeing the training recommendations for today’s training, which appears to have been a high intensity day.

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