Suggested Workout vs Planner

Hi, new member and Xert-er here. I was looking at the recommended workout generated on the Training tab and it suggests a 45 min recovery type ride. When I go to the Planner tab and hit “Automatically create recommended workout” it gives me an interval workout with about 4x as much XSS. I wouldn’t mind doing either, but it is puzzling why I would get such different selections on two different tabs.

Any explanation for the discrepancy?


Check the Training Status/Advice as of time.

doesnt both use the same time now, after update?

I agree, I see the same discrepancy. The activity recommended (auto) on the training tab is the type endurance, sweet spot below threshold and I am assessed as “tired”. The one recommended in the Planner is VO2max and I am assessed as “fresh”. I am not sure to understand how this works. In fact, I am not sure why we could get a training advice at 2 places. Indeed, if I am using the planner to forecast a month or two, the planner should be able to adapt to my level of fitness/freshness as well. It seems like the planner is static and does not consider the actual training sessions performed.

I’m pretty sure the Training tab uses that instance in time whereas the planner uses whatever time you have it set to. By default - 23.59pm

yes, its correct. The same is form status in training tab, but adaptive training advisor is for UAT(same as for planner)

We generally recommend avoiding planning several months at a time. So many things can change during that time, it’s best to let Xert adapt to your training day in and day out.

Because you’re always recovering, it’s very possible to have a ‘tired’ or even ‘very tired’ status in the morning right after a workout and be fresh by the evening. Obviously this will vary tremendously from athlete to athlete, depending on total training load, training load distribution, etc. but remember that any time you’re not training, the system is going to slowly & constantly increase your freshness.

As stated above, the planner shows your freshness and workout recommendations using the AS OF time under Goals/Settings. You can change this value to the time that you typically work out at to see the recommendations AS OF that time, rather than the default of 11:59 pm.