Suggested Warm-up for Zwift Crit Racing

I am in search of suggested warm-up routines that I can be performed prior to Zwift Crit Racing. Maybe something that I can load from the Xert workouts or a shared workout file?

I posted same question on FB page this morning.

DM on FB with email address and I’ll forward u zwo files I received,which u can download to zwift if u want.

I use a simple custom Zwift workout with:

5 mins at 69% of threshold
7 mins at 95% of threshold
2 mins at 105% of threshold

Works fine for me and only takes 14 mins. Here’s the zwo file:!AvdgVWyGeq1DgpxQaOEbq95PpabCaQ?e=EPBocQ

Remember, don’t over think your warm up. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info.!!!


While that warm up is good, I’m not sure i’d be comfortable with that warm up before the start of a Zwift “Crit” Race “knowing” i’m going to be starting out at a minimum of 150% of TP+.

The article is informative, but doesn’t make recommendations based on rider age,at 55 years young that matters to me (OP didn’t mention his age, TL, etc.)

Article “seems” to hone in on the more steady nature of a running race or Bike TT vs the chaotic start of crit or MTB race.

An important point for the OP:
The article does mention the advantage of PAP [postactivation potentiation] with three all-out 10-second sprints noting “The cyclists started considerably faster after the PAP warm-up, which included those brief all-out sprints”. I have read this technique recommended in multiple warm ups (EX: Team Sky).

My experience with a Muscle Oxygen Sensor (and coaches), noting that I’m 55+ is that it takes me (and others) 25m+ to warm up.

Scott Z

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I’m 48 so not exactly super young. :slight_smile:

Yeah you have to start fast in a Zwift race but I find as long as I remember to start pedaling hard a few seconds before the start it’s not a decisive point in the race and things settle down. But very easy to experiment to see what works for you.