Suggested training session are the same for more than 2 consecutive days.

Hello, it has happened to me more than once that from the training advisor the suggested sessions are the same for more than 2 consecutive days. While this is no problem for days were the training load is not that high it showed up to be an issue with weeks in which 1 day was having a big portion of the session with Z5 intervals and the 3 successive days with very long Z4 intervals. Is this normal or do i need to consider it as a software issue?

It’s not unusual. Remember that the algorithm randomly chooses from the best 4 scoring workouts. You can choose another or even use the Load More button to pick one. They show in scoring order.

Hello Armando, while i understand the philosophy i think there might need to be a better filtering of the activities the algoritm can choose. Working out 4 really heavy days in a row at or above Z4 is not recommended at all.

Can you provide more information on what your Training Status was, program phase and what was recommended?

Looking at your profile, I see that you’re in the green/brown training status. At this far end, you may end up seeing consecutive days with high intensity workouts prescribed. There would be a presumption that you’ve built up some fitness already and your recovery load is very low suggesting you have capacity to handle more intensity. Once you see blue/yellow/red, the system will prescribe high intensity training with (much) less frequency.

Hello Armando, the behavior i’ve described was happening in a period were i was more or less in par with the requests of training from the software. So i was not really understanding why it was prescribing me so many days in a row of high intensity work. The result at the end has been that after 3 weeks of such high intensity my immune response got to the low far end and i got sick.

Send the note to Include details on which rides you did that followed the plan. At the moment, I only see a few Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds in your history. Cheers.