Suggested focus

Is suggested focus for what would help you training wise for your athlete type? Mine says endurance, so I’m trying to do mostly endurance type training. Also, any thoughts on figuring out what your athlete type is? Is it a personal preference thing, or is there a metric that would suggest it for body type/athletic history? I really don’t know what I should focus on, as far as athlete type? Is this even important at this point in a newbie’s training?

The focus is the type of workouts to get you to your goal state.
There is a Glossary you should check out…

I’m familiar with those types. I was more wondering if there was a way of knowing what to focus on, beyond feel, for any given individual. Or is one’s focus more a decision made over time and with experience? I’m bouncing from one type to another, depending usually on the rankings you guys give me. I’m trying to get a feel for the importance of the focus type so that I don’t spend the next six months either on the wrong focus, or unnecessarily worrying about the focus when, at my stage, its not that important.

Your Athlete Focus should be the one you want to train towards, i.e. what do you want to improve the most. This could be a weakness or something you feel you need to improve to do better at the events you want to do well in. I would park the Suggested Focus idea for now since that’s going to change in the next few weeks anyway.

Ah! Now I get it. Thanks. I’m really appreciative of how you all respond. I’d have given up by now. thank you.