Suggested Focus in Weekly Stats vs XATA suggestions

I just entered the build phase and when I check the Weekly Stats table, the Suggested Focus is on Climber. But XATA on the main page is still suggesting me Endurance as Focus Style: does it mean that I should do Endurance but that the Focus will turn to Climber during the week ?

Your Focus will be Climber when you are Fresh/Very Fresh, otherwise it is Endurance. This is part of the polarized training logic that Xert uses.

@xertedbrain Question:
If I have a suggested weekly focus of let’s say GC Specialist. During a training week I would have my endurance workouts, and some more intensity workouts.
Is it the best way to do the intense workouts with a sharper focus than GC Specialist, for example Rouleur focus? That way my weekly focus moves with my endurance workouts to an average weekly focus of GC Specialist.

Or should I keep targeting my intense workouts to GC Specialist and have a longer weekly focus duration?
I hope this all makes sense.