Suggest larger bars for the CIQ app

Hi - I would suggest larger bars in the GUI of the CIQ app. I don’t use an ERG/Smart trainer so its my job to keep the bogey in the right place on the “little” bar. Its a bit hard to focus on esp. during intervals. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you using a 1000? They can’t get much bigger on the 520/820 and we have single code base. Btw, on the 1000, you can switch to landscape mode and it will work, perhaps a bit better too.

Hi Armando – correct a 1000. I see the dilemma with the smaller units – will try landscape. Also approach like this might work on a smaller device. Here we have the measure slide back and forth under the target bogey.

By the way I want to say what you guys did is (CIQ app, Smart Workouts, Smart Trainer controller, tied to the math modeling strikes me as pretty awesome