Sufferfest x Xert

I maintain the spreadsheet of Sufferfest workouts which lets you create an ERG or MRC file for each workout. Up until now the mapping from Sufferfest RPE to actual watts has been done by mapping a specific percentage of FTP to each RPE level. I updated the spreadsheet yesterday so that you can now enter your Xert fitness signature and it will use that to calculate the RPE watts instead (at least for RPEs over threshold). Obviously this is very early stages (it’s based on a simple application of the Monod model with CP=threshold and W’=HIE, and RPE levels mapped to Time-to-exhaustion), but it means that Sufferfest workouts can be tuned to your Xert-based fitness. Let me know what you think!

Oh, and I guess the link would be useful:

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This looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!