Subsequent correction of a Garmin fit with Xert synchronization


I use my Wattbike AtomX for the FulGaz indoor training and record the activity with the Garmin Edge 1040. After that I get a Garmin fit file about the Edge 1040 and and a FulGaz fit file via email.

Now Garmin Edge 1040 is unable to fully and correctly take over the activities performed at FulGaz. This leads to incorrect information in the Garmin Fit file because the elevation data is completely missing and the distances are incorrect.

However, the correct elevation data and the correct distances are contained in the FulGaz Fit file. However, since Garmin offers a way of adding both the elevation data and correcting the distances, at least this data appears correct in the Garmin statistics afterwards.

However, the problem with Xert is that immediately after the indoor training, the incorrect Edge 1040 data is automatically transferred to Garmin Connect and then automatically synchronized with Xert.

After correcting the data in Garmin Connect, I tried to sync this data again in Xert. To do this, I deleted the Garmin connection in Xert and then reconnected it in Xert. Unfortunately, the wrong data was transferred again during the following re-synchronization, although I had already corrected it in Garmin Connect.

Question: How to solve this problem?

Hi Horst,

I suspect they’re changing the data on their end, not in the data file itself. Seems to be similar to how Strava may provide elevation correction on their app, but the corrected data is never placed in the .fit file, so they can’t be shared to 3rd party apps (like Xert).

Kindly email Xert Support a copy of the file from FulGaz & and file from your 1040 and we can take a look.