Stryd running power data higher than cycling power data. Breakthroughs every run!


I’m primarily a cyclist, but occasionally run, and have access to a Stryd footpod which generates running power data analogous to my cycle power meter. The problem is that Stryd power estimates are 300+ W, compared to my cycling FTP of ~265 W (I’m certainly a more able cyclist than runner, but realise they are different power estimates). Because of this, every time I go for a run, xert shows a breakthrough and significantly updates my threshold power - it was up by 30 W from a fairly easy run this lunch time.

I realise I can do some things about this - I can delete the run from xert, or I can flag it as erroneous. This seems a bit manual, and doesn’t suppress the Breakthrough coming through to Strava. Is there a way that I can, in decreasing order of preference:

  • have separate running and cycling threshold power values that are combined sensibly (not sure how physiologically valid this would be, but it would follow to a degree that changes in one sport would be mirrored to a degree in the other)
  • have separate running and cycling threshold values, with breakthroughs in one not changing the other
  • toggle settings so that running power data (or cycle data for runners) is excluded from xert analysis
  • auto flag run data with power
  • exclude run data with power from syncs with xert

Hi Nicholas,

Good question!

  • Option 2 (requires a separate account for cycling and running data)
  • Option 3 (you can use the activity filters under Garmin/Strava sync to ignore the running activities to prevent from skewing your cycling data)

Thanks for the reply, @ManofSteele , I’ve excluded the runs from my Strava sync. to avoid having to manually flag them.