Stress/Strain on Progression Chart

I don’t really understand the stress/strain values on the progression chart. I get that it increases with training, but beyond that, what does it signify? Have I missed an FAQ or explanation somewhere?

James, hold this thought! We’re getting close to releasing some new features that will be much easier for you to understand. If you’re familiar with PMC’s, you’ll find these new features more intuitive than the Stress/strain. We have a few posts that talk about Strain and so I’d invite you to read through these. Stress is essentially the work you do (add up all the power and you get Stress. Strain and the to be released Xert Strain Score will be the values that you’ll want to track for your training and progression.

Great, I look forward to seeing them. One thing I’m keen to see is Muscular vs. Aerobic stress tracked separately, which I think is what the low vs. high stress is trying to show. I am still primarily using Cycling Analytics as my analysis tool of choice, but it doesn’t yet show this either.

Thanks for the response Armando.


Use the Stress/Strain Progression charts and select/deselect each system using the legend. You can then track the training load in kJ for each individual system.