Strength Training

Is there any way to build in the effect of strength training into the programme as this is going to affect my freshness I would think?

Yes. Generally strength training will affect your freshness but is not likely to improve your performance directly. (It generally improves your ability to stay healthy and without injury). If you’re doing a lot of weight training, consider shifting the Freshness Feedback dial to the left to give you more time to recover between workouts.

Thanks Armando, just for info I’m following Joe Friel’s advice on ‘faster after 50’ for us older athlete’s (I’m 64) that we need to use an appropriate amount of strength training to maintain our muscle mass twice weekly adjusting it depending on which phase of training your in. Doing this and combining it with 5 days cycling I don’t want to over train so adding something to the xxs points is useful. Regards

You may also try just setting Freshness feedback left by 5 or so.