Strength training and XATA

Thoughts on the integration of strength workouts.
I am trying for a few months to follow the recommendations of the XERT Adaptive training adviser. So far it works extremely well. After struggling for one year with overtraining in SUF(my fault not SUF), I finally got some progress. Last week I had some stepback. After doing some strength training, not extremally hard but demanding, and including it in the calendar, the XATA, asked for some sprint workout. After I did it, felt completely exhausted for a few days but the planner shows that I am fresh. Adjusted the freshness status and it took a week to come back.
My thought, when we do squats, and deadlifts, it mostly takes high energy. That should affect the recommendation XATA gives differently when you place something like running in the calendar.
I would like to integrate the strength training but do not want to mess XATA, what is the recommended way to do it?


I had a similar issue… So i was obviously wanting to log all my workouts into XERT but i noticed since uploading my strength workouts my TP was getting lower and lower and the workouts where getting more & more stupidly easier. I felt like i was detraining so i ended up deleting all my strength workouts from xert as soon as i did that my TP jumped up over 30 points and my workouts where challenging again. So i just use other apps to store my Strength workouts and leave xert to just cycling.