Strava v TrainingPeaks Data Upload

Hi all,

New user.

I uploaded 4 months of data directly from Strava then reset my account and uploaded same data from TrainingPeaks.

Xert using my Strava data has my TP 354W, LTP 278W, HIE 27.1, PP 1114
Xert using my TrainingPeaks data has me at TP 330W, LTP 246, HIE 33.6, PP1455

Any else experienced such a dramatic difference? (My gut feel tells me TPeaks is more accurate based on my training of late)

I’m planning to upload 6 years of training peaks data, given Garmin bulk download restrictions, and then use Garmin Connect as my source of truth for Xert data moving forward.

My worry is relying on Xert (which I want to do for 2020 racing) with such discrepancies from old data.

Hey Matthew,

Welcome aboard!

With just 4 months of data, your starting signature (signature for our first activity) can generate this sort of effect. Resetting your data isn’t exactly the same as starting new since there is already some historical settings that the system will work from. For example, anomalies that were flagged before may have made it through the second time. The Strava results would appear to align more with expectations (see our FAQ on assessing your signature).

I wouldn’t suggest uploading 6 years worth of data since a) this can slow down some operations that use all your data for analysis and b) your numbers 6 years ago may not reflect who you are today and Xert assumes that your response to training is homogenous throughout your progression. Load a 2 or 3 years worth is all that’s needed in general.

Good luck and feel free to join in the conversation here or on Facebook. Podcasts have been well-received so do check them out.

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Thanks mate!

Hi mate-

To your point about avoiding resets. Is there functionality for me to master reset and just have one set of uploaded data?

If I delete account and start again, I’ll be up for a new annual subscription so keen to avoid that if possible.

Just want to ensure my formulas are working off one, fresh dataset.

I don’t think there is. What you - maybe - could do, is take just this year’s data and adjust your starting numbers, from Account Settings -> Profile, to match your TP numbers from January 1st.

Thanks mate, i was thinking of changing my decay method to aggressive so I then need to achieve more breakthrough, thus any over calculation will be negated by fresher breakthroughs…

At least I think that would work.

You may give that a shot, but if you train regularly, you wouldn’t need to. It will most likely trigger more BT’s, but you should only use that method if you are concerned about Xert tracking your numbers correctly.

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