Strava Sync

Guys, I admire your efforts in making this app. However, YOU CAN’T alter my rides in Strava. I will told everyone about your platform, but you won’t force ride titles or even alter descriptions for me. OK? Make it STOP at once.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just toggle the switch on the Strava page. :slight_smile:

how about not defaulting this? guuuuys… :slight_smile:

It isn’t. You likely inadvertently checked it when you went through the account setup process.

Which setting is it? “Update my signature”? Top of the page.

Never saw this. Honest! Anyway, thanks. BTW, do you know that your web page is clunky as it can be… Multiple layers, everything animated and out of sync, etc. I dearly hope you’ll be able to fix that…

Are you using Safari? Some have reported things not getting updated using Safari.

Chrome. It isn’t critical, it just looks odd, stuff happening on the screen without sync… unusual web app behavior, I can say…