Strava sync

One of my workouts from a couple of days ago was deleted on Strava and replaced with another one, but that has not yet synched to Xert. Today’s workout has, though, so I wonder if something will fix this or if it’s a permanent error?

I should probably have mentioned that ALL data, time and date and so on is exactly the same, only the distance values have been updated.

I have had to use manual sync a couple of times in the past weeks to get data from Strava, i.e. go to the Strava tab and select the workouts.

Hi Mathias, as Johan mentioned, try manually syncing it from the Sync --> Strava tab

OK, I was about to try that now, but as I select “Last 30 days” it’ll only show one single activity in the list! I have done considerably more workouts than that, and they have all been synchronized, apart from the mentioned glitch that is. Why is that?

Never mind. I just realized it was the workout that glitched that showed up. It wouldn’t synchronize as it said is was a duplicate, which it wasn’t given the different distance, but when I removed the workout “locally” and synchronized again everything worked out.