Strava Sync

Hi All,

I am in the try out phase looking to be a full time user once i am sure it all works as I need. Today i did my first workout using the Xert Android App (previously i have been downloading the suggested workout to Zwift but i guess i wanted to try out the ‘smart’ option). After a bunch of faffing around with ANT+ dongles etc… i all got it working. My issue is that after the ride i see it in on the website but it has not sync’d to Strava. I know the strava connectivity is working as I imported all my workouts during setup and also my Zwift workouts get ‘edited’ by Xert when i have breakthroughs etc… Can someone let me know what the issue is? As they say, if it’s not on Strava it didnt happen… this would be a show stopper to using the Android app, which is a shame.

On left menu select Sync, then Strava, and note there are two checkboxes. One syncs FROM Strava and the other TO Strava.
The Android app loads to Xert which in turn syncs to Strava if that option is enabled.
Once the sensors are dialed in when you start the Android app select Scan, wait for sensors to connect, select Workout and hit Select, workout should match Xertonline, tap selected workout and hit Start.
I found the app works best with ANT+ although my cadence sensor is BLE.

“If it’s not on Xert, it doesn’t count.” Ensure “Xert to Strava” is checked. You can also download the FIT using the Activity Details and upload it to Strava if you prefer.

All relevant check boxes are checked. Still not uploaded. I guess the FIT file can be imported but a bit of a ball-ache. Any logs I can check anywhere ? Many thanks.

Did you try checking off that workout and click Sync button at bottom right?
That should resync the workout if missing.

there are no unsynchronised workouts…

OK, looking at this a little more closely.

For my specific case i am also running Zwift while doing this work out. Zwift also syncs with Strava. NOW if i look at the workout in Xert online it is showing the Zwift-sync’d strava workout NOT the Xert workout, for today. I am not sure this is the desired behaviour. I presume we have lost the fact that this was a SMART workout and i also had Zwift running for much longer than the workout was running as I was configuring ant+ connections on the Android app i was using the the Xert player. I would have expected to see both workouts and i would have deleted the Zwift/strava one.

Hi Liam. You can run a quick test and record an activity on the Android app, just for a few seconds, then SAVE it. You should see it on Xert Online and then on Strava. If you have both boxes checked on the /strava page, if you update the name of the activity on Strava it should update the name on Xert Online too.

SMART is a function of the Xert Workout Player when loaded with a SMART workout.
The magic happens during the workout as controlled by the player depending on your efforts.
I don’t think the results of the workout are different than any other FIT file.
I believe FIT files include header info to help prevent duplicates if you sync to Strava from multiple platforms.
It appears the Zwift FIT file hit Strava first so the Xert file of same workout was skipped.
You could try deleting the Zwift file on Strava and resync that workout from Xert. Or you could edit the description on Strava to indicate it was a Xert SMART workout.
However, it really doesn’t matter what they are titled as the results of the FIT file are the same.
Many of my Xert workouts end up labeled as Morning or Afternoon Ride on Strava.

Thank you sir. As long as no ride info is lost (in terms of xert processing it) then I’m fine. I’ll try a couple tests but as you said, if it is ‘seeing’ a very similar activity via Zwift in Strava and ‘doing the right thing’ I’m good.

Thanks for the support !