Strava sync of private activities

It seems as if Xert will only synchronize Strava activities where Privacy Controls are set to “Followers” or “Everyone”, not “Only You”. Is there a technical reason for doing so? Why can’t you just synchronize all workouts from the connected Strava account?

Your account should be receiving all your activities. Double check your Strava page settings.

It doesn’t seem like it can synchronize more than three years of data? I want it to synchronize all I tell it to synchronize…

So how can I make it synchronize all activities, not just the last three years?

At the moment, there is a limit to just the last three years. It is not recommended to load any more than this for performance reasons.

When will you fix this issue then?

What happens if I set it to synchronize from Strava three years ago, will Xert drop old activities as time goes by or simply not keep track of any changes made to Strava activities more than three years old?

My current first uploaded and signature locked workout, the one that sets the baseline for the following activities, is more than three years old.

It is just the sync operation that is limited to 3 years. If you have other activities that are older, they will remain.

Refreshing an old thread…

I want to see what sort of work outs my breakthrough performances occurred in from when I was at my best around 2015-2016.

Since then I have had multiple problems (broken each collar bone separately and a DVT) and, despite a clear run this year, have not been able to regain my prior form.

If sync is limited, is there a way to do a batch import of files from eg a year at a time?