Strava no longer synchronising

Strava has always synced automatically without any issue at all. Tonight’s workout never synced so I went looking and found it as available to sync. The interface tells me after selecting the activity and telling it to sync… “Sync initiated. Redirecting to My Fitness…” but the activity never appears.

I’ve disconnected and reconnected Strava but that had no effect.



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Same here. One hour ago I tried manual upload, Strava sync, Garmin sync, and doing and saving workout on the Xert iOS App. None of these activities are getting into Xert.

+1 to Strava not syncing.

Also it looks like manual upload isn’t working too

Hey folks,

There was a temporary issue we were encountering that prevented activities from getting processed. If you are syncing from Strava or have a FIT file from your recording, you should now be able to sync the activity from or upload the FIT file and have it processed correctly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Looks like I’m syncing again. Thanks!! :+1:

Thanks for the quick resolution!

Thanks Armando. Is there an Xert status page where we can monitor things like latency, outages, uploads, or DNS issues?

Unfortunately we don’t have that just yet. It’ll likely become more important when we can expect longer outages. Fortunately, they’ve been infrequent, especially recently.