Strava no longer free

Wondering what the impact will be for Xert members. Segment hunter for example.

Segment hunter could be broken now, not sure. I might end up paying for Strava; segment is a great feature. I look mostly at my results for motivation.

It’s not a bad idea in itself to pay for Strava, but the way they force this is not very friendly.

Garmin has it’s own segments feature, so you could use that. It’s obviously nowhere near as vast as Strava’s, but if you use it for personal reference, it’s not that difficult to create segments on Garmin Connect.

Also RideWithGPS is a (free, depending on your needs) service, with segment leader boards…

I do like RideWithGPS, the best app to follow any route you don’t already know, with live navigation instructions :slight_smile: The main reason why I do use Strava is all about the social side, and the fact that everyone is on the platform so you can easily “compare” your times on any segment. You can also do that on RideWithGPS, but there are fewer users, so on most segments, you’ll get a KOM or reach the top 10: good thing, or bad thing ? :-p

If I get a KOM out of 200+ riders, maybe, but if it’s only 3 that have ridden it, not so much :joy:

Anyway, I think it’s a pity that these platforms do not join forces to get better revenues, instead of all getting a small(er) piece of the cake.

Same for virtual platforms. Besides Zwift - and maybe Tacx, because it’s Garmin, but the sw is not very good - there are so many that could join forces. And speaking of Zwift, what does RGT add to that?

There is always a good reason for new services to launch, competition is something that pushes everyone to improve their product. If there was one “monopoly”, you would only pray for someone to listen to your requests. And Strava is a kind of monopoly: people have been asking them for years to do things about many features (or missing ones), and Strava, most of the time, just ignored them. Zwift is probably as bad, on that side.
With creativity, you get better products. For ex.: :smiley:

That list exactly shows my point. Zwift AND RGT, really? And Rouvy just HAD to integrate the same stupid cartoon characters.

BigRingVR any day, or VeloReality as runner up.

Use your Xert prescribed workouts on either and enjoy real scenery.

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The “AR” from Rouvy is still a good idea: you have photographic rides, and the ability to ride with others (I do use BigRingVR with Xert :-p and the little flags to display the other riders on the profile is mostly useless… anyways, I always ride solo because I ride in training mode, with intervals, so I wouldn’t enjoy it with other riders at the same time).
Now, I stopped using Zwift for several reasons: first their policy, the bugs, the high level of hardware required, but also because of the social aspect. You always want to ride harder than you should because of challenges everywhere !
Yet, I’m waiting for Veloton to release their software: it could fun to race from time to time, with a better management of the draft, positioning in the peloton, race strategy, compared to what Zwift does. Badly.

If you’re into those awkwardly moving cartoon characters, then yes, it can be fun. Some people like on bike camera (group ride) footage, which I don’t like either, because of the swaying.

Rouvy’s video quality is nowhere near BigRingVR’s, VeloReality’s or Tacx’s and it’s even worse when they overlay the cartoon characters into it.

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I like cycling outside on empty roads. RGT is the virtual equivalent.

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It’s also a cartoon - if you want outdoor reality indoor, use BigRingVR or VeloReality.