Strava mph error

Last 2 rides have been like this. Link to ride

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Trainer brand/model?
Which Xert app? (iOS, EBC/Android, Connect IQ/Garmin)
Speed from Power enabled?
Power meter on bike?

Tacx neo 1, xert ebc android app on pixel 3

I’ve had a few indoor training rides with the same issue.

Hey Greg,

Do you feel that your fitness signature is accurate? That workout wasn’t designed to be a Breakthrough workout. The ‘Speed from Power’ is based on your work rate relative to your fitness signature.

Now I’m confused: How can speed from power be based on the signature? Would not the same power under the same conditions (same road, same slope, same wind, same tires, same bike, same weight…) result in the same speed no matter how hard or easy it was for the person producing it?

I personally do not use speed and distance for indoor workouts since it makes no sense to me. They are always wrong, it’s just a matter of how much and compared to what.

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Should be accurate, I jave averaged over 4 rides week for years

So the issue is only for the two recent rides and only on Strava but not XO?

Correct, have done many similar rides without issue.