Strava Inconsistent Sync

I noticed this morning that some activities has been duplicated; others are not synced through at all. On closer inspection I saw that the time of duplicated activities varied by a couple hours in some instances.

I did an activity yesterday (7-Dec) which did not sync. When I manually load the activity it loads as today (8-Dec), and I can’t seem to edit the activity to be listed with the correct date…

Any ideas of how I can go about cleaning up the activity log and making sure all activities (hundreds) are synced properly?

Check your timezone setting in Account Settings and let us know if this resolves the issue for you. Note that if you’re loading TCX/FIT files without GPS data, it will use your timezone setting and so may not detect duplicates.

I worked over the past 30 or so days and identified 3 or 4 instances where activities were duplicated, and cleaned these manually and all seems to be syncing properly.
Hopefully these were isolated cases (which could have been as a result of manual loads from fit/tcx files). Thanks for Armando.