Strava export error [BUG]

There is an error with Strava export.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Record activity with Polar watch
  2. Export .tcx from Polar Flow
  3. Import into Xert (up to this step, everything is fine)
  4. Upon sync to Strava distance is multiplied by 1000

If same activity is exported from Polar to Strava distance is fine.

Hi Krzysztof, is the distance in Xert correctly reported? Or is the distance in Xert and Strava incorrect?

Distance in Xert is correct. It gets corrupted on sync with Strava

Can you send a note to support with a tcx file attached so we can take a look into it? Thanks

Well I can. But the tcx gets imported into xert correctly. All data points are aligned with Polar Flow (distance, duration,etc). It is after sync with Strava that things get odd.

ticket 2778

Should be resolved. Cheers