Strava estimated watts

How do I enter the estimated watts from the Strava ride. This metric doesn’t carry over with the sync. My Garmin wasn’t working and this estimate will be better than nothing… thanks!

Check the FAQ on how to enter in XSS and Focus for activities without power. Sometimes it is easer to use the search box to find a similar activity and drag-and-drop it in as a replacement.

As the Glossary tells us: “When strain is normalized to equal 100 points for one-hour of unfatigued work at Threshold Power, it is referred as Xert Strain Score.”
So for an easy workout, according to the Work Allocation Ratio with Power under 300 W, I think you can calculate your XSS as follows:

  • Look in your Progression Chart under My Fitness, switched to Fitness Signatures, for your actual Threshold Power and your Peak Power.
  • Go to the presented Strain Curves in the glossary.
  • Find the Strava Estimated Power on the Power (W)/x-axis.
  • Go up until you cross the estimated line for your Peak Power.
  • Go left and read the Strain Rate on the y-axis.
  • (Strain Rate x Workout duration in seconds) / (Peak Power x 3600 s) x 100 = XSS
    Of course, this is just an estimation since
  • the po wer value is estimated
  • probably your TP, HIE and PP values differ from the value in the Strain Curves diagram
    Please, Baron Biosystems, correct me if I’m wrong… :wink:

It is best to follow the guidelines in the FAQ for creating manual entries.

As a triathlete, it is important for me that the Training Advsior doesn’t recommend too hard workouts, as running and swimming are still on the training schedule.
Is this taken into account when I enter XSS for running and swimming according to the FAQ? (e.g. 1 hour of easy running 45 XSS)
Is it planned that Xert (optional) will automatically provide such workouts with XSS?

Any activity that has XSS is taken into account.