Strava Breakthrough and Workout Reports

Can you still pass rowing, running activities you perform with your garmin units through xert, or will attempt apply cycling breakthroughs to the activity ?

All your uploaded or synced activities will be analyzed using the fitness signature and progression history in the account.

For commuting I use the strava app on my Apple watch to record my rides, which then uploads to strava. To continue to be able to do this I will have to leave sync from strava toggle on. With both toggles on, will workout and BT reports be pushed to Strava when I use my Garmin Edge, or must I uncheck the sync from Strava. If so, would you have any suggestions on how to get my ride uploaded to Xert first when using my watch?

Figured it out, working, all good.

I setup the Xert to Strava sync as mentioned in the following article:

For my workouts the workout reports won’t be uploaded to Strava.
The breakthrough workout reports will.

I would like to see the workout reports also will uploaded to Strava.

How can this be done/ fixed?


Hi Ben,

Can you try disconnecting your Strava account within Xert (Sync > Strava) and then re-authorizing and see if that gets your workout reports to sync? Which device (Garmin, iOS, Android) are you using to record your workouts?


I just disconnected and again connected Strava and applied only sync to Strava. But still no workout report in Strava.
I use a Garmin 820 to record my workouts.
So my records go from Garmin Connect to Xert and from Xert to Strava.

Are you doing the workout using the Xert Workout Player app? You may want to check and see if you’re running the latest version of the Workout Player.

If the activity is completed using one of our apps, you should see a workout report button on the activity details page:

I always get a Xert summary (and would appreciate it if you dropped the ‘- Xert’ from the name) also when I do not use a Xert app.

The only thing I seem to be missing and which was there before, is the BREAKTHROUGH - and no, not because I didn’t have any :joy:

Mostly I do workouts using the workout player.

There was an update available for Xert in the Garmin Connect app, so I updated it to my Edge.
Tomorrow I will do a workout and let you know the result.

In my activities I see the Cycling Summary, but i don’t see the symbol on the right.

After I updated Xert Workout Player on my Edge 820, the workout report is still not uploaded to Strava.

Hi Ben,

Can you reach out directly to the support team via email so we can take a deeper look into this? Include any extra details such as which Garmin device you’re using (firmware version too).Thanks!

I used to get nice little messages appended in Strava when I had a breakthrough or near breakthrough on activities from other apps like Zwift. Wondering if something happened to the API in the latest update? The direct activities from Xert still look great. Not a huge deal, but I do like to direct people to Xert when they ask or inquire about riding and training. When I say not a structured plan, I just take it day by day they are always very interested. All my rides go to Strava first and always have. Not sure if I can change a setting somewhere to start this showing again?

You’ll only get the Breakthrough report (with the Xert summary metrics) automatically if the ride goes from Xert to Strava. If the activity goes directly from Zwift to Strava, then to Xert, we can’t add your BT image :frowning: If you choose to change your setup (Zwift > Xert, manually), it will mean you probably won’t get the auto-images from Zwift added to the activity - it’s one or the other, unfortunately.

However, you can open the BT activity in Xert and download/save a copy of the BT report to share to Strava manually, if you’d like! :slight_smile:

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