Strava automatic sync with multisport

I have connected my Strava account, but I got the impression that multisport stuff (with powermeter data) is a little disturbing for xertonline as it does not recognize the different sports I upload to Strava?

We’ve restricted the sync to only cycling activities at the moment. Other sports appear to have a bit too irregular power data for proper signature extraction. What type of sport are you using a power meter with?

Then the restriction does not work. I use Concept2 Indoor machines (ergs for Rowing and XC ski) which are logged as workouts on Strava, but they have powermeter data.

Workouts are considered cycling activities, as many flag their indoor workouts as such. Only thing we can suggest is the avoid using the “Sync Latest Activities” feature and instead use the Strava link on the left panel to open and select which activities to include in the sync.