Strange TP Behaviour in the Progression Chart

@Armando, I am in base for 7 weeks now, training consistently mostly in LTP. My my Ramp Rate is positiv, between 4 and 6 and my TL is continuously going up as I expected.
in my opinion, TP should also be going up. Instead, in the Progression Chart, TP has been going down continuously since weeks.
What is odd too, is that there is a steep jump in TP (from 177 to 197 Watts) as projected for tomorrow. But, when I do tomorrows workout (on the next day, of course) my TP is still 177 Watts (instead of 197) and the TP-jump is again „tomorrow“. It is like the donkey-and-the-carrot metaphor. What is going on?

Hi Joseph. You should join the Facebook user group as there have discussions on these topics. The jump in your TP is a situation will be addressing with the release of the Training Advisor. Wrt, TP not showing increases from LTP training, I asked the group if they would like to see this but the decided to leave increases only when breakthroughs occur. So, for to TP to increase, you need to put out an effort to show that it has gone up.