Stop Strava segments and Laps showing on Garmin Workout Player

Hi, I am using the workout player on my local route but constantly get the strava segments and 5 mile laps on my Edge 820. Usually this is setup in the activity profile but i cannot find any settings to turn them off in the IQ player and when each notification comes up i have to touch the screen for the message to go away, more importantly unfreeze my information (Power ect…).


We had seen this before and Garmin fixed the firmware to prevent this from happening. Are you on the latest firmware?

Software version 8.80

Hi Malcom, I’m using an 820 with firmware version 8.80 as well and don’t seem to have the same problem. Try this to see if it helps: On the device from the home screen, click Training / Strava Live Segments and then touch the three-line (menu) icon at the bottom right of the screen to Enable/Disable, or delete, the segments.

Thanks for the reply i will give it a go.