Starting to feel sluggish

First I would like to say how I’m learning since I’ve started using Xert. Thanks to the entire Xert team :+1:.

I would like some feedback to see if this is normal because I’ve never done so much base training before. I am at the start of my base period after 3-4 weeks of prebase. XATA recommends day after day LTP workouts and I can see in my progress tab that my TP just keeps going down for the coming month. Is this all normal and should I see my TP and my 3 minutes power rocket upwards in the build phase?


How often are you throwing in BT events? For example, BT workouts or group rides with hammering and sprint or a Zwift race.
Are you mixing things up from the twenty recommended workouts and occasionally jumping off-list as above?
For long periods of LTP workouts in Base you can set your Profile to No-decay to prevent any TP decline. Just remember to return to Optimal as you move into Build.

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No, I’m not doing anything except what is recommended automatically. From what I understand I should probably do a Zwift race or RonneStad workout in order to reset/update my fitness profile. Does that sound like a good idea?

Yes. See these related posts –

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I don’t Zift or do group ride and I was struggling to have signatures updates.

What I found that it works for me is to throw some sprints or test my 2 min power (or any other) in the middle of the workout.

There are same days that I just feel “flying” and the work out is easy - those are the days I choose test.

I’m hopping this way my signature is updated with different reference points.

The downside is that sometimes halfway through the planned workout I have to quit, as I blast myself chasing a BT- but if I got my BT…nothing else matters :grin::grin::grin:

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Not a bad way to go about it. Sort of like a casual group ride where everyone says let’s take it easy today, then somewhere along the way the half wheeling nonsense begins and suddenly you have to hammer to keep up followed by a county line sprint. :smiley:
I don’t go on those rides anymore but when I am feeling especially fresh I’ll pick a BT workout or hardness test at a diamond count higher than my current status.
Ronnestad, however, is beyond of my league. Been there, done that, not going back. :sob:


All becomes clear. I’m still reasonably new to riding with a power meter. I’ve just calibrated my PM for the first time in months and i’ve gained 30 watts at LTP :grin:. I think I had better reset my signature on my next ride :+1:

Hopefully that should do the trick. Basically over the last 3 weeks I’ve been tiring myself by having to pedal hard because my PM wasn’t calibrated. That lesson was learnt the hard way so I won’t make that mistake in a hurry. All part of the learning process and I’m now good to go :+1: