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Enjoying Xert very much now I’ve got a full subscription and an android tablet for the app, I’m getting my head round most of the system, I do have a question about how Xert rates you as a rider. Xert rates me as 1 star ‘recreational’, I had a couple of months off at the end of last year, but have been riding for over 25 years, and training for most of that, including three months last year for a cycle everesting (which I completed). Xert never accepted that ride file, I assume it was too long, but a couple of weeks after that, Xert had my ftp at what would be for me about 4.4w/kg. Is it the easy winter and fitness drop that it detects?

Your Training Status is based on how much training you’ve been doing. If you’re only riding a couple times a week, that’s pretty low overall training. So it isn’t based on your years of train or your fitness.

Hello Armando! Just out of curiosity, approximately how much volume do you have to accumulate over time for the different categories of riders? Not planning to kill myself with volume to increase my star rating, it’s just a question that I’ve been thinking about sometimes but did not find any answer for it so far. :slight_smile:

@Tapani - as I understand its based on your training load in bands of 25. So 0-25 0*, 25-50 1*, 50-75 2** and so on. I find it useful as it removes the urge to chase Training Load, which in my case has never led to the improvements i expect, I think because that mindset discourages rest and adaptation.

Thanks Andy! That makes it clear. Completely agree with you on rest and adaptation. I personally have found quite a good level of xss per week on average that seems to produce results for me. It took some time to figure this but was worth it. Though at this point in my program it’s the quality of what I do that really determines if I get faster or not, not so much the load or strain. The strain is there to just make sure that I get enough impulses, and to be honest, doing more would propably be counter productive as it would not allow me to recover enough for the really hard sessions. I am having 2-3 rest days per week and that’s really allowing me to dig deep on the other days.

@Tapani, you can easily check this page for how much Training Load you need to reach each star tier:

It’s near the bottom of that page. Have fun!

Thanks for that @Kevin!