1.Did my run outside today a herdness level 4 test on xert player with edge 520. I use a stages powermeter but i did not get a cadence reading in the app.
2. Do i need to start up the xert app on my phone too. Normaly is see the road i took on a map but now i did not see it in strava.
3. do i need too start the ride via play buton on edge 520 first and then the workout via xert or will xert auto start my garmin.

  1. We are looking into this. It doesn’t appear to be a consistent issue. Something we are working with Garmin to resolve.
  2. We’ll have a look at that. The Xert Player should be recording your GPS data. … in fact, we will eventually send it to the Remote Player for viewing… :wink:
  3. The Xert Player will record all your data. You shouldn’t need to start your activity recording.

Hi Armando, I tried the Xert Player app yesterday, also with Garmin Edge 520, and it also failed to show the cadence data from my Garmin Vector 2 pedals. Everything else worked great though, really liked the app as a training aid.

ok thx for the quick answer…

EJ, we’ve posted an updated app to the Garmin App Store that addresses both your cadence and GPS issues. Can you update and confirm that it is working for you? Thanks.