Squads and coaching

If I create a squad and select Coach as the type, will all the members be coaches? Because I think that’s what the description of squad says: “athletes that share their activity data with one another”. Just to try, I created a squad and chose Coach as the type, then I couldn’t see it under the squads. It is under My Coach now. Is that normal?

Hi Emre,

Clicking on “Create your own squad” will take you to our general wizard for creating a community – there are no “subtypes” for a squad or a coach. This means you effectively created a coaching roster instead of a squad.

If this was done in error, you should be able to remove the coaching group via the coach page’s settings tab.

How? I don’t see anything to remove the group under the coach page’s settings tab.

I’ve gone ahead and removed the coaching community tied to your account.

Thank you Patrick! I think there was no way to remove it, I guess :slight_smile:

Indeed. There’s still additional functionality we’ll be adding to communities in the near-future.