Sprints : Seated or out of the saddle?


First of all i apologise if my english is sometines uncorrect (i’m french ;))

I would like to know until which wattage should I work out of the saddle without considering it is cheating (in erg mode or not) ?

For Max Sprints, there is no question, it is out the saddle, but for lightest sprints such as :

For exemple if i Work 1 min mean max power : should I stay seated or stand up ? In my case for these kind of sprints i sometime strat seated and then finish out of the saddle - or if my MPA is very low i nedd to stand all along the sprints. But i don’t know if there is a better way to do it, and if we could consider that working seated or not is morre efficient or not (in this range of wattage i mean)

Thank you all for your feedback
Keep on Working :wink:

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May this help revive this topic!

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