Speed is incorrect in the Android workout player

I use the Android workout player for my indoor duties.
I use a Wahoo Kickr v2017 via ANT to connect to my tablet.
When I look at workouts the distance is correct - around 22k for an hour’s work - consistent with using the small chainring on the front and middle cog on the back at around 90 rpm.
The average and maximum speed reported for the workouts are however not correct.
They usually report around 120 kph average and 200+ kph max. See e.g. this workout

You can try adjusting the wheel circumference in the settings.

I am quite certain that it correct. Also it reports the correct distance, just the speed that is wrong?

Do you also have GPS Speed enabled? Might be good to send this into support@xertonline.com so that we can properly track it. Cheers.