Speed incorrect

When using xert on my Tablet Speed is beyond 100 kph. Real Speed With Garmin 820 and Elite Drivo is about 32 kph. Pleased Help. Thank you

You should be able to adjust the wheel circumference in the app settings.

no matter what circumference i choose and put in it`s wrong but when choosing miles then it works. I need kph. Thank you.

Please send support@xertonline.com with more details of your specific configuration. Also include screenshots if possible. Thank you.

Hi i tried again and again to adjust tire diameter and in the end it worked. But it would helpful to know what mesurment it has, now i adjusted to 193 (mm) (inch)?
Thanks for your help

I would imagine it could be different for each trainer.

it would certainly be helpful for others too, how to set tire diameter (millimeter or inch) and depending on size.