Speed and power not in sync on MPA graph

I did an indoor trainer workout last night and was looking at the MPA graph showing both speed and power. The speed plot seems to progressively lag the power plot to the point where by the end of the workout on my last interval, my top speed lags by about 1 minute (by the timescale on the graph) my top power output. That doesn’t seem right to me. Surely, they should be just about in sync. it’s only HR that lags.

uploading screen shots in case its a browser issue (I’m using Safari on a Mac, BTW). 34 hammers - Strava 34 hammers - TP 34 hammers - xert

Please send support@xertonline.com your original FIT/TCX file. Thank you.

Thanks Armando, it’s on its way. As the activity was generated from TrainerRoad I could only extract a TCX file.

This should now be fixed. Please verify.

Thanks. Do I have to re-sync that activity? Because, I’m still seeing the same behaviour on the existing activity (I’ve refreshed the browser/reloaded xert)…


Yep, looks good now. Thanks for that.