Speed and HR display in Android app

I tried to use the Android app for the first time. Using an older Samsung phone, no problem to pair a Wahoo Kickr (SNAP) and a bunch of other sensors via ANT+.

Speed display in the activity was all over the place, causing a bogus distance. I tried to fix this in settings, but a) it’s not clear what units wheel size needs - and I have standard 28x700c tires so it shouldn’t have been so far off in the first place b) Making the number very big or small seemed to have no effect! c) Switching speed off in the ANT config of the trainer and enabling speed from power also gave very high bogus values.

Now, afterwards, I can see on Strava that a while after I stopped trying to fix this, speed values became normal and reflected correct speed from power, which I left it in before giving up. So maybe I can just leave that and the problem is gone for me after half an hour of frustration.

But this doesn’t explain why the display in the app gave bogus values and making wheel size very small or big had no effect. Do the settings take a while to activate or something?

Second problem: the HR displayed in the app is wrong (and presumably, what it records in the FIT), offset by about 3-4 bpm too low. It’s not lag, it’s a fairly consistent offset. As if some scaling factor is wrong or a rounding error in the conversion. I am fairly sure Xert is wrong here because I had the live display on the watch that was broadcasting, and I have used the same setup with TrainerRoad which matched the watch display exactly.

Current Android beta release is Is that what you are running?
Have you tried using BLE for any sensors and compared results?
As noted when Speed from Power is enabled any other speed option should be disabled.
Also make sure GPS is disabled for indoor rides.

I used 3.4.4 which is the official version in the app store.

I could try BLE for the trainer but the HRM is ANT only, so the problem with incorrect heart rate remains.

I did disable speed from the trainer when enabling speed from power. Yet I got the results I described. And yes speed from GPS was obviously disabled.

I tried the current beta (3.4.10):

a) Bluetooth makes the resistance changes lag by 30-40 seconds. (No idea if this is the case in the current stable, guess I’ll have to test that too…)

b) In ANT mode resistance changes are responsive, but there is no power. (Adding the extra power source in addition to Trainer Control didn’t change anything)

c) The display that has the cadence guide no longer has the time remaining in interval display - that’s a step backwards.

I had to revert back to stable to do any workouts. Speed from power behaved as expected this time, heart rate was still ~3 bpm off.