Sorting by strain in table view is broken


Enjoying the new columns in table view - when we get the ability to filter that’s going to be really handy.

I’ve just added low/high/peak strain into my table, but you get very confusing results. I’ve realised now it’s because it’s sorting this column as text, rather than as a number. So apparently my highest “high” strain is 9.9 kJ, but if I scroll further then once I find something under 1 kJ, the next activity has a high strain of 20.

That said, I still don’t entirely get what the table is saying. Yesterday’s crit has my highest ever high strain (at least, I think so!) - The table reports 14.8 kJ. Sounds about right, it hurt. However, the ride home also has 14.8 kJ - - yet MPA barely drops in this. Does Xert take the affect of previous activities in a day into account when calculating strain?

Hi Oliver. Looks like there is an issue with the table data that we’ll need to fix. If you open the Home ride, you’ll see that the total strain is just over 100kJ so looks like the table values are not being presented correctly. We’ll have a look to see what’s happening and correct it.

Do you guys have an instagram account? Any hashtags you want us to start using?

Whoops. Wrong thread. Sorry.