Something went wrong with Smart WO

I did “No time to cry” (great name) today. It was not uploaded to XERT. But the Garmin sync worked and a Garmin file was uploaded. I noticed that part of the XERT WO seemed to be uploaded (at least I see changes in the target power for the first 5 minutes then target power is flat). About this time my screen saver kicked in on the Mac and could see the remote player (duh my bad) Despite this CIQ player did run through the whole one HR WO

I know that my Garmin 1000 complains about losing connection to the mobile (iPhone) fairly often (I would tend to blame the Garmin given previous experiences with Garmin but I don’t know why this happens). Do you need a continuous BT connection between the Garmin running the CIQ app for the system to fully work? If at all possible it would be great if the CIQ app could “save” the last WO until it is loaded to XERT removing any dependency of BT connections (if such exists).


The Remote Player is optional. The Xert Player was designed to be fully functional without using the Remote Player. You can do workouts outdoors, for example, taking advantage of variable duration intervals.

It is strange the workout wasn’t uploaded. Is this repeatable? If workouts are making their way to GC and then to Xert normally, then I’d be curious to know what may be happening if they are not for you. When the activity is saved, it is saved the same as any other Garmin activity FIT file on the device.

OK I will keep an eye out… Good news about the independence of the player from connections.