Something is terribly wrong with the xert server calculations

  1. Yesterday i had a TP of 198
  2. After some run activities being inadverteently added ( Garmin had the run box ticked) the TP jumped to 208
  3. Deleted runs and TP recalculated to 204
  4. I checked again today and the TP change to 196
    5 . Checked again ( within a period of 10 minutes) and the TP now shows as 194 ( value of 2 or 4 weeks ago)
  5. .ckecked individual activities and the max power was lowered by 100 watts
    7 checked the weekly status and xert changed everything that used to be there, for tpast nol less. The past is the past. What it was, was. xert SHOULD NEVER mess with the past . It changed the focus and the improvements %
  6. Is there an audit trail log so I can check, either the changes I made or the changes made by xert somehow
  7. This is insane

For instancev, yesterday,s activity ( Jan 22) , xert calculated tye Thresholf power as 206. Today teh entite calculation is differeent and xert chamged it to 193. It just can,t be. You cant change the past, only the present!!!

xert shows the value of TP on Jan 6 at 194 and progessively decreasig to a value of 193 3 weeks later. Its jmpossiinle considering that Ive been doing the recommeded workouts anf by definitionand xerts calcultions using even a modest maintenace mode, that wouod never occur!!!,

Are you working with support on this?

Not yet! i sent last night,s info and they found a run file that i had missed and subsquetly deleted. But then tonight everything went crazy. So I was wondering if they keep audit trails on changes, I,ll forawrd this to them too.

please work with support on these issues. Thank you.

I will!

I just checked my email and I had and email from them that may explain the mess:
Here it goes:
“We made some tweaks. You should plan on doing a Fitness Test workout sometime soon since it’s been a long time and your numbers may need to be adjusted. Pick any one of our Fitness Test workouts and read the description correctly. You could also get this done from a very hard group ride if you are unable to do a fitness test. Essentially, you need to get a breakthrough.”
so, i.m superconfused, dont really know what to do and do not know what is right or wrong!!!