Some activities with fakethroughs/breakthroughs crash the page

I’ve recently run a few activities with breakthroughs or fake throughs and when trying to view them the page simply crashes when trying to load. This happens regardless of browser or how many tabs I have open in those browsers (Brave, chrome, etc.), or even if I’m using a different machine to view the pages.

Here are a couple examples of pages that crash:

This doesn’t happen for all activities with a breakthrough or fake through, as this one will open:

Is anyone else having these intermittent issues, or have suggestions to remedy this?

Are you sure you enabled Public Activity button for those links?

I tested all the circles on my Progression XPMC chart YTD and they all load without incident.

Blast! No, I didn’t. But in doing so I discovered that I’m unable to do so for those pages that eventually crash - while enough of the UI loads for me to see the button and click it, nothing happens.

That is likely a clue that something is amiss with your data.
Contact to create an official support ticket.
In the meantime you could try (1) Xert - My Activities - Table View ( and see if you notice anything unusual in recent activities. If so, flag the activity.
You can also check for power spikes by showing Max Power column then sort by that column. Flag any entries with unusually high power.

Reviewing these in another platform doesn’t show any anomalies in the data - I’ll certainly drop support a line, though.