Sneak Peek at What's Coming

Lots of new UI improvements as well as a new “Recommended Training” feature that includes Activities and Sessions.


I very much like the addition of “Suitability”.


When is this coming?

The “Suitability” looks really interesting. I cant wait to try this out thanks.

Hopefully not too long. Still a few snags we need to address.


Looking forward to it thanks.

ooh looks nice , can you try to make some session that will work easily outside and try to make the amazing system that xert is easier to use for outdoor activities/schedules sessions?

What are you looking for in terms of an outdoor session?

An upcoming feature that you might find interesting is the ‘Recommended Activities’ - this will allow you to see which of your favorited activities would be a good match for your training recommendations. Ideally, your favorited activities will not be workouts, so you can see how unstructured rides fit into your adaptive training with Xert! These might include race simulations or group rides with your local cycling club, solo sprint activities, or longer/easier cafe rides. :slight_smile:


thanks for the reply, really like the idea of it.what i meant is that a lot f xert sessions that are recommended are really hard to do outdoors eg a ramp , maybe create some more outdoors friendly sessions and can you also make some more session’s for the base phase of training , there are not so many so things can get a bit
monotonous. btw the new ui looks really nice and intuitive​:+1::ok_hand:

This is a great idea!. What are favorited activities? I have to select some activities or will it look through all my outside recorded activities? Thx

If you have favorite activities (indoor workouts or outdoor rides) you can mark them as such by selecting the star :star: next to the activity title (Activity tab, details, or table view).
That makes them available on the Planner for drag and drop. In the updated version those outdoor activities will be included on recommended lists if they meet XATA guidelines for the day.
You wouldn’t want all your activities to be included since many won’t apply. For example, if you have favorite loops, those make sense to include. But if you traveled to an event or went on a special group ride, that’s impractical to select as today’s workout.


Do you currently try to ride outdoors to a focus duration point based on XATA guidelines for the day?
This is the alternative to selecting a structured workout.
Riding to focus does have a pattern to it with rules at play but doesn’t require following the rigid work/rest structure of a pre-defined workout.

Reference –
Understanding ‘Focus’ and how to use it – Xert (

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I try to xata but think I’m am going to try to do the focus duration combined with the xata from now on. I live in an area where it is hard to find a long stretch of uninterrupted flat/uphill road

Really looking forward to this update being released. Cheers Armando, Scott and Stephen.

I do believe this was released. Went out for a ride, came back, and there it was.


Just want to say that I really like the new UI. So many great improvements. Nice work XERT team!