SMART ZWO files - Still smart after export in to other platforms??

Hello nice people,

I’m exploring Xert functionalities and was wondering whether or not a SMART Workout once exported to Zwift/Rouvy/RGT, etc keeps its SMART live and adaptive approach to the training. Or, on the other end it will be transformed to a fixed and conventional workout.

I’m asking this until I get my USB Ant+ stick… After I will try it by myself.


No. They will ONLY be smart if run on xert players such as xert ebc app etc…

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Thank you!

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To maintain SMART functionality, you can control your trainer with a Xert app (smartphone or Garmin Connect IQ player) while linking power only to your simulation platform.
Here’s how to do that with Zwift –
The Ultimate Guide to Training with Xert and Zwift – Xert (

Related post that details what you lose by exporting to ZWO –
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If you just want something to watch while training indoors another option is a solo session.
That entails running the workout on a Xert app while watching the Session Player on your PC/laptop/tablet. Quick way to test that is visit (2) Xert - Sessions (, wait a few seconds for Library tab to appear, find an entry of interest, select Play Now, then start the Xert app. That workout/session will be pre-selected, ready to Start.

Xert solo/group session tutorial: (4) Xert - Xert Video Player (

Thank you!

I will definitely work with the smart function only. ANT+usb to connect pedal powers to training platform while maintaining them linked via Bluetooth to the Xert app. I will then use the Web Xert session over the training platform for the fun.

Tks again all for the comments and help.