Smart workouts in ERG mode.


I’m fairly new to both Xert and a smart trainer, I’ve been using outdoors, rollers and wheel on trainers for my training for a few years, recently took the plunge and got a Kickr Core, I have Vector 3 pedals. I’m struggling to get the Android workout player to run smoothly with power match, but as the Kickr and my pedals seem to be within a couple of watts of each other I’ve disabled that. My problem is trying to get through Smart workouts with the app controlling the resistance, if I stop for a second the power demand ramps up and getting going again is hard work, today I did the Welcome To The Jungle workout, during the last interval I ended up having to backspin to reset the trainer a few times and the interval now resembles more of a tabata workout than a threshold one with the power demands climbing each time I backspun. Is there a way to do the workouts in resistance or slope mode from the app? I’ve looked at the settings but can’t seem to find a way to enable this, I feel that at least with this mode I could continue at roughly the intended target rather than getting bogged down in the resistance of the trainer.

Hi Sean, you can enable slope/resistance mode in the Android app by going to Settings --> Options, and enabling Trainer Resistance Mode.

Thank you, much appreciated.