Smart workouts for running outdoors

Hi all,

I am fairly new to Xert. Other than cycling, I am also into running and I am wondering how to transfer the cool concept of Smart Workouts to running. I own a Stryd powermeter and a Garmin FR935. Unfortunately, there is not (for the moment, I hope) such thing like an IQ workout player for the FR.
In absence of it, does any of you have some guidelines on how play Xert Workouts for running, particularly outdoors? I assume these can be imported as normal (i.e. non-Smart) workouts in Garmin COnnect and then syc’ed to the watch. Perhaps someone has more experience and cleaver ideas?

And finally, for Armando et al.,: any development plan in this sense for the upcoming future?



A Garmin 520 can actually make a good running watch when used with a Velcro strap threaded through a basic mount. It is far easier to read than a running watch and there is a good chance the Stryd App will work with it too.

Like this:

Yes, please make it possible to export Xert run workouts to third-party-plattforms, so we can sync them to Garmin Fenix for instance.