Smart workouts and ERG trainers

I’m a returning newbie to the app having spent a fair amount of time using other training software. I was wondering if some of the key benefits of the smart workouts (e.g. in session modification) are lost if using ERG training mode on my smart trainer? Also I was wondering to what extent people use the smart workouts? Do you use them exclusively or tend to use them for just the real tough sessions. The benefit seems to be that they will account for fatigue more than other flat workouts.

All advice greatly appreciated, I’m enjoying the fresh interface and a new concept.

Yes and no. Not all erg trainers are precise and responsive so the smart intervals still see variance and some dynamic changes even when erg mode is used. Intervals with dynamic power are well suited to erg mode in fact.

Try the FB users group as they are much more active in responding to questions than are the users on this forum. Link is up top.

Thanks will do